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Can not download ECD_StarterNotebook.ipynb
Help · 23 Feb 2023, 14:36 · 7

Hi all,

When I try to download ECD_StarterNotebook. ipynb from DATA, it is only open weirdly and cannot be downloaded. Any idea how to download it?

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Press ctrl+s. The file will be saved in the correct

23 Feb 2023, 14:48
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after clicking ctrl+s, a folder was downloaded to my computer as well as the html page but I can't still find the starter notebook. Am I missing anything? or is there somewhere I should find the starter notebook?

fixed: click on the ipynb file, if it shows weirdly then ctrl+s

After ctrl + s, do ctrl + j you will see the file

Your solution (ctrl+s) doesn't work at me. I always receive a page with the Agreement to the competition rules.

11 Mar 2023, 10:40
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