DataFest Africa Noise Pollution Classification Challenge
Can you predict noise levels in Kampala?
$1 000 USD
Ended 6 months ago
38 active · 351 enrolled
Google Drive Link for the Dataset
Data · 11 Jul 2022, 16:58 · 5

Hi folks, I understand that many may find it difficult to access data of about 11GB. I've made it available via drive here: but I'll be deleting it at the end of the competition. You can just create a shortcut in your drive if you don't have up to 11GB space. keep winning!

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Wow, sweet! Thank you so much Prof!!

11 Jul 2022, 17:06
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I think noise is caused by us so I think it's us to used less noisy machines in public and things to do with industries should be constructed in the out scats fur from the peaple

11 Jul 2022, 17:30
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I think we need to encourage the upcoming innoveters and try to help them change this world than just discovering them

11 Jul 2022, 17:38
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Thanks , Pal

12 Jul 2022, 06:28
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Congratulations to the winners, and kudos to all the participants. I'll now proceed to delete the dataset from my shared drive. 🤝

1 Aug 2022, 08:51
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