DataFest Africa Noise Pollution Classification Challenge
Can you predict noise levels in Kampala?
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To what end?

The aim of Sunbird AI is to create an action plan and empower citizens to be vigilant in tracking and monitoring noise. Why?

Does this mean we will be able to eradicate noise after being able to recognize or classify the particular device or instrument causing it?

Well, I believe noise classification can help in the forensic aspect of the military and the like, but what of other places or spheres of influence will noise classification be needed. To what end?

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This is my personal opinion and not an official Zindi answer.

I think noise classification will need to be used in conjunction with other methods. I'm sure the hosts have the time and location these recordings were taken at.

One can monitor if an area became more or less popular based on number of hours of human noises over time. You can monitor if wildlife is moving in to our out an area, so you can motivate for intervention if needed. If a school is based on a busy road they can use data from Sunbird AI to appeal to authorities to plan an intervention so students can learn with less noise. There are certain building materials that dampen noises.

One AI model isn't the solution to everything. It is often part of a bigger solution. I the think the solution to this challenge will help Sunbird AI in part with the problems they are solving.

If you think of this as a part of a bigger solution what are some uses that come to mind?