Deepfake Africa Challenge
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Shining a light on deepfake media & tools in Africa
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6 May—30 July
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Deepfakes have been prominent in the news in the last 2 years as the tools and platforms that allow for such content to be produced are widely available and easy to use by both skilled and casual users.

While some Deepfakes can be used to create fun, viral videos or new synthetic applications such as digital avatars that have multiple applications, they also can be used to manipulate or generate visual and audio content with the potential to deceive with subsequent negative impacts for people, organisations and wider society

The objective of the challenge is to create convincing Deepfakes to highlight the power of this synthetic media, illustrating its creative potential for exploitation for both positive and negative outcomes and focusing debate about its ethical use / mis-use in an African context.

Submissions are welcome from across the African continent and relevant communities including researchers, developers, content creatives & film makers.

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