Deepfake Africa Challenge
$1 500 USD
Shining a light on deepfake media & tools in Africa
80 data scientists enrolled
6 May—30 July
Ends in 5 days

There is no data for this challenge. You can use any data / tools and platforms you like.

The only restriction is that the tools, techniques, programming languages, libraries, and/or online platforms used must be open source, i.e. accessible to the general public

To make a submission, you must register for the competition. Note that there will be no scores on this leaderboard.

For each submission, please also submit an “creation statement” i.e. short explanation of platforms, tools and techniques used to generate your submission. This is for judging and verification purposes.

You will be evaluated on only one submission. If you make multiple submissions, you will be judged on only the most recent submission per category.

Upon the close of this competition, the judging panel will score your art according to the evaluation criteria. The panel’s determination is final. Winners will be announced within 15 working days of the competition close.