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Clarification on Prize Structure
Help · 24 Feb 2023, 11:31 · 4


Please, can somone help me clarify the representation of the prize categories.

This is stated from Zindi:

1st man - $4 000 USD either as an individual first man or majority male team.

1st woman - $4 000 USD either as an individual first woman or majority female team.

1st person from Ivory Coast - $2 000 USD, different from top man or woman prize.

For instance, given a leaderboard ranking maybe in this way-

1st place- 1 man, 1 woman

2nd place - 2 men, 1 woman

3rd place -1 woman.

Would this mean:

1st man prize is assigned to the majority male team (2nd place on LB).

1st woman prize is assigned to solo 1st woman (3rd place on LB).

My confusion here is majority team is clear. Individual is unclear, does that mean solo individual? What happens to team members with an even share of male and female? (Like 1st place on LB with same mix of male and female, what gets assigned? Do they in this case just get individual 1st man prize).

Thank you for your clarifications.

@amyflorida626 @zindi

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From my point of view, the structure means that teams of equal gender (1 man + 1 woman, or 2 men + 2 women) will not receive any prize!!??

24 Feb 2023, 13:20
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Thank you Siwar for your contribution.

I'm also unclear about equal gender teams, although it wouldn't seem fair to nulify a team's success because there's equal gender.

Be careful from the beginning if you want to form a team, not to fall in the shade.

I also think they put this structure to encourage more women to join DS and Zindi.

  1. If there is a team in 1st place with 1 male + 1 female and a team in 2nd place with 1 male + 1 female, each team will win $4 000.
  2. If there is a 1st place team with 1 male + 1 female, they will win $4 000, a 2nd place team with 1 male + 1 female, will win nothing if there is a team further down the leaderboard that has majority female.
6 Mar 2023, 07:16
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