Digital Africa Plantation Counting Challenge
Can you create a semi-supervised algorithm to count trees in plantations in Côte d'Ivoire?
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20 days to go
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Côte dIvoire
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Object Detection
Objective to create semi-supervised
Help · 14 Mar 2023, 22:21 · 2

as mentioned about the objective of competition "The objective of this challenge is to create a semi-supervised machine learning algorithm", is there any important thing that should be considered regarding the objective to make semi-supervised? I think the solution could be built in fully supervised approach.


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I have a similar question. Its written in the description that the this objective will be utilised to replicate on other type of trees for eg banana, and if we utilize a supervised approach, we can solve the problem and it will be replicable as well, but would that have an impact on the acceptance of the approach?

15 Mar 2023, 12:48
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That's just a guess on my side, but maybe they mistakenly talk about semi-supervised because we don't have bounding boxes for the trees.

20 Mar 2023, 01:43
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