DSN AI Bootcamp Qualification Hackathon by Data Science Nigeria
Predict customers who will default on a loan
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Financial Services

To participate, please complete this form (http://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack); you will receive the competition secret code once you complete the form.

Kowope Mart is a Nigerian-based retail company with a vision to provide quality goods, education and automobile services to its customers at affordable price and reduce if not eradicate charges on card payments and increase customer satisfaction with credit rewards that can be used within the Mall. To achieve this, the company has partnered with DSBank on co-branded credit card with additional functionality such that customers can request for loan, pay for goods even with zero-balance and then pay back within an agreed period of time. This innovative strategy has increased sales for the company. However, there has been recent cases of credit defaults and Kowope Mart will like to have a system that profiles customers who are worthy of the card with minimum if not zero risk of defaulting.

You have been employed as a Data Scientist to leverage Machine learning to predict customers who are likely to default or not.

This is Qualification Competition for the Data Science Nigeria AI Bootcamp.

About Data Science Nigeria (www.datasciencenigeria.org):

Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is a non-profit run and managed by the Data Scientists Network Foundation. Our vision is to accelerate Nigeria’s development through a solution-oriented application of machine learning in solving social/business problems and to galvanize data science knowledge revolution, which can position Nigeria to become the outsourcing hub for international Data Science/Advanced Analytics/Big Data projects, with opportunity to access at least 1% share of the global big data and analytics market, valued at $150b in 2017 ($203b in 2020).

We adopt a practitioner-led model where experienced and hands-on data scientists in Nigeria and in the Diaspora train and mentor young Nigerians through face-to-face, virtual coaching classes, project-based support and holiday boot camps funded by individuals and corporate organizations.


To participate, please complete this form (http://bit.ly/AIBootcamp20_hack); you will receive the competition secret code once you complete the form.

Teams and collaboration

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Multiple accounts per user are not permitted, and neither is collaboration between users. Individuals and their submissions originating from multiple accounts will be immediately disqualified from the platform.

Code must not be shared privately. Any code that is shared, must be made available to all competition participants through the platform. (i.e. on the discussion boards).

Datasets and packages

The solution must use publicly-available, open-source packages only. Your models should not use any of the metadata provided.

You may use only the datasets provided for this competition. Automated machine learning tools such as automl are not permitted.

You may use pretrained models as long as they are openly available to everyone.

The data used in this competition is the sole property of Zindi and the competition host. You may not transmit, duplicate, publish, redistribute or otherwise provide or make available any competition data to any party not participating in the Competition (this includes uploading the data to any public site such as Kaggle or GitHub). You may upload, store and work with the data on any cloud platform such as Google Colab, AWS or similar, as long as 1) the data remains private and 2) doing so does not contravene Zindi’s rules of use.

You must notify Zindi immediately upon learning of any unauthorised transmission of or unauthorised access to the competition data, and work with Zindi to rectify any unauthorised transmission or access.

Your solution must not infringe the rights of any third party and you must be legally entitled to assign ownership of all rights of copyright in and to the winning solution code to Zindi.

Submissions and winning

You may make a maximum of 10 submissions per day. Your highest-scoring solution on the leaderboard at the end of the competition will be the one by which you are judged.

There is no private leaderboard for this challenge.

If two solutions earn identical scores on the leaderboard, the tiebreaker will be the date and time in which the submission was made (the earlier solution will win).

If the error metric requires probabilities to be submitted, do not set thresholds (or round your probabilities) to improve your place on the leaderboard. In order to ensure that the client receives the best solution Zindi will need the raw probabilities. This will allow the clients to set thresholds to their own needs.

You acknowledge and agree that Zindi may, without any obligation to do so, remove or disqualify an individual, team, or account if Zindi believes that such individual, team, or account is in violation of these rules. Entry into this competition constitutes your acceptance of these official competition rules.

Zindi is committed to providing solutions of value to our clients and partners. To this end, we reserve the right to disqualify your submission on the grounds of usability or value. This includes but is not limited to the use of data leaks or any other practices that we deem to compromise the inherent value of your solution.

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The error metric is Area Under the Curve.

Your submission file should look like this:

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This is a learning hackathon. Aside from knowledge, there are no prizes for this competition.


Competition closes on 3 October 2020.

Final submissions must be received by 11:59 PM WAT (Nigeria time).

We reserve the right to update the contest timeline if necessary.