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Can't unzip most of the image files
published 10 Mar 2019, 21:19

Hi everyone,

I've downloaded all the competition files, but only manage to decompress 3 of the zips with the images (, and I've even downloaded the other ones several times, but still didn't manage to decompress them. It complains that it isn't a valid zip file.

Did anyone manage to decompress them all?



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Hi ngcferreira,I am using linux system and I have this problem too, Which system are you using ?

Hello Ngcferreira and Mohamed, i too use ubuntu 18.0. i managed to extract (01-01,01-31,08-19,08-04,07-10,07-15). Trying other extraction options and hopefully will share with you in case of any success

Hi everyone. We apologize for this. We are looking into it now and will post an update here later today. Thank you for your patience, and please keep providing feedback on which files are working and not for you. Thanks!

Hi Mohamed and Mark,

I've tried both Ubuntu and OSX without any luck. So I guess there is something wrong with the files.

But the Zindi team is on it, so it should be solved soon.

Thanks to the Zindi team for looking into this. Please let us know when the problem is solved.

Oh sure, big thanks for you both and the Zindi team for sharing

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the delay. We are working on fixing the files. We will let you know when they are ready.


Hi Zindi community,

The files should be working now! (Both the links on the page and the URLs) So if you downloaded them as of 13 March early morning, your files should be fine.

Thanks for the enagement from the community to help solve the issue! We will just keep improving with your help!

-The Zindi Team

Thank you for fixing it.