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Missing Fields and How to Start
published 24 May 2019, 13:45
edited 10 minutes later

Dear Zindians,

Thank you for bringing the missing fields to our attention. We will try upload them next week.

Here is a link to a how to video if you would like to download them yourselves. The tile you are looking for is JFP and the coordinates are (22.1608; -28.9598)

At the end of the link there is a short discussion on how to recognize crops using Sentinel data.

You might be able to find more useful links here:

Thank you for your patience and support!

Thanks for addressing this & the nice resources!

Does this mean you will be allowing data from any of the Sentinel missions? Or must we specifically download 2A data only? Do we need to specifically download tiles from certain dates?

Hi Paulds,

You are only allowed to download 2A data and you need to use the dates provided from the other files.

The missing 10% of the fields are now available for download on the data page.

There are 2 tiles with the satelite data. Files with the name JFP contain 10% of the fields and the other files contain 90% of the fields.

The above links are a great place to start understanding the data and how to open it.

Good luck and have fun!

Provided dataset contain data from `2B` (S2B_MSIL1C_20170715T081609_N0205_R121_T34JEP_20170715T084650.SAFE)...

What does it mean "You are only allowed to download 2A data and you need to use the dates provided from the other files"?

@Iyczek. Now that we have posted all of the JP2 files here on Zindi, please just use ONLY the files provided. Don't download any new data to build your model.

Seems like the submissions may need a bit of a reset then. How can you be sure that any submissions since the 24th of May are only using the competition datasets?