Financial Inclusion in Africa
Can you predict who in Africa is most likely to have a bank account?
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Financial Services

You are asked to predict the likelihood of the person having a bank account or not (Yes = 1, No = 0), for each unique id in the test dataset . You will train your model on 70% of the data and test your model on the final 30% of the data, across four East African countries - Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The main dataset contains demographic information and what financial services are used by approximately 33,600 individuals across East Africa. This data was extracted from various Finscope surveys ranging from 2016 to 2018, and more information about these surveys can be found here:

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Train contains the target. This is the dataset that you will use to train your model.
Test resembles Train.csv but without the target-related columns. This is the dataset on which you will apply your model to.
Full list of variables and their explanations.
This shows the submission format for this competition, with the ‘ID’ column mirroring that of Test.csv and the ‘target’ column containing your predictions. The order of the rows does not matter, but the names of the ID must be correct. Note that the variable ID in the submission file is: uniqueid + " x " + country name.
This is a starter notebook to help you make your first submission. If the file open weirdly you can ctrl-S and it will save to your download folder.