Financial Inclusion in Africa
Can you predict who in Africa is most likely to have a bank account?
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Really, Africa is a vast continent with people of different knowledge and understanding, ideology and philosophical disposition. This reflects in the governance of its people such that some are rich but majority of them live below one dollar per day.

Some live in ghetto, under the bridge while others roam the streets with no particular destination in mind.

Worse still, is the fact that this people have no food to eat, no clothes to put on and no good water to drink.

Worst of it all is the impoverishment of the inhabitants by the leaders due to inept knowledge.

Therefore, Africans need financial inclusion in order to abate the poverty level and deprivation in the land.

If Africans are financially liberated, development would emerge that will lead to growth and enhancements of members in all spheres of life.

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In life, comments are free but facts are sacred. Contextually, Africa needs financial assistance and the only way through which this can be acquired is via financial inclusion.

You will agree with me that Africa is classified as developing and underdeveloped continent. This stems from lack of infrastructure and social amenities, administrative ineptitude, political unrest, kidnapping and high level of crimes.

Due to bad governance, there is dearth of medical facilities, inadequate educational facilities, bad roads, no potable drinking water and poor development of tourist attractions.

Do hope if all these are looked into and fund provided a better Africa would emerge which will transform and put Africa in the right perspective in the world.

Who should have an account. To me this question is rhetorical because in ideal situation everybody is supposed to open an account. Unfortunately, there is marked difference between idealism and realism. Due the problem of unemployment, bad governance, poverty, illiteracy, and lots of other problems people find it difficult to eat not to talk of saving.

Aside that, some don't know what it mean to save. Whatever they realised in a dsy, week or month is expended. They depend on daily income. This is why in day or days that there's no outing or the opportunity to go out such group of people stay in hunger.

It is therefore imperative to one educate people on the need to save no matter how little their income may be.

Secondly, they should let them know that the money is still theirs and can be withdrawn whenever they have a great and urgent need of it.

Thirdly, the administrators should create a friendly atmosphere for people and make it easy and accessible for them to transact business with ease within and outside the banking hall.

Finally, government should actively engae its cotizenry through media and other forms of information dissemination methods on the need and importance of opening an account.