Financial Inclusion in Africa
Who is most likely to have a bank account?
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29 July 2019
Can we upload kernels to help others?
published 6 Aug 2019, 13:54
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I would like to share some basic analysis of the train dataset in order to receive feedback, and help others see how to visualize data.

Edit : here's a basic view of the data with some descriptive statistics and visualizations. This kernel will be updated along the way :)

Edit : Upated x3

sure you can share with others. on the discussion forum

I hope Zindi is working on Kernels issue.

Great! It is very helpful.


Yes you may. Thank you for supporting the Zindi community.

Hello sir,

Will you pls tell whena are the results coming (AI Hack Tunisia)? Since I'm residing in India and it can take a lot of time to process visa even if I get selected also.

Hope you got my point.

Thank You!