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29 July 2019
Submission Error Still Persists
published 29 Aug 2019, 22:18

Missing entries for IDs uniqueid_7867 x Kenya, uniqueid_6714 x Kenya, uniqueid_8103 x Kenya, uniqueid_8657 x Kenya, uniqueid_7392 x Kenya and more

i have the same error . I searched for those IDs in the given test set and i didn't found them .

chek if you download the lastest version of data "Test_v2.csv" and "Train_v2.csv"

I am using the latest version of the test and train csv files. Mind sharing the code snippet for the writing and ssubmitting results

## Code for creating a submission dataframe and saving it to a csvfile!

submission = pd.DataFrame(index=test_data.index,columns=['uniqueid','bank_account'])

submission['uniqueid'] = test_data['uniqueid']

submission['bank_account'] = model.predict(X_test)


predictions= model.predict(test_data)

submission_df = pd.DataFrame({"uniqueid": test_data["uniqueid"] + " x " + test_data["country"], "bank_account": predictions})


I think you should use the former test and not the lastest; the latest contains like 800 rows,but the previous is like 1000. Check it out.

and where can we find the old version of test??

drop your e-mail address

please I am also interested in the old version of the test set. email: