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AI Hack Tunisia Hackathon
Connect · 4 Sep 2019, 19:41 · edited 1 minute later · 6

Hi everyone!

We love that you’re all doing this challenge. However, for the people who want to join the AI Hack Tunisia Hackathon, please make sure to:

Apply here:


submit work in this competition

Just doing the work is not enough, we need to be able to contact you and have your info so that we can register you to the event. So please, to those who didn’t yet, go apply!

Thank you

Bonjour à tous!

Nous sommes vraiment ravie que vous vouliez tous participer à cette compétition. Cependant, pour les personnes souhaitant rejoindre le Hackathon AI Hack Tunisia, veuillez vous assurer :

- D’avoir bien postulé sur le site : / ET d’avoir soumis les travaux nécéssaire afin de pouvoir vous qualifier.

Il ne suffit pas seulement de soumettre votre travail, nous devons pouvoir vous joindre et avoir vos coordonnées afin de vous inscrire à l'événement. S'il vous plaît, à tout ceux qui ne l'ont pas encore fait, inscrivez vous!

Merci à vous

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Sorry! Will there be financial aid for ticket

Hi Mohamed,

Do I need to achieve the best score possible before submitting the form? Can I work on improving my score after filling it?


The only requirement to do the application is to be registered in this challenge, and you already are .

Thanks a lot...

When do we expect to get the selection results? I believe the visa procedures would take some time and the event is 2 weeks away.

The visas, if you are selected, will be expedited

Hello sir,

Will you pls tell whena are the results coming? Since I'm residing in India and it can take a lot of time to process visa even if I get selected also.

Hope you got my point.

Thank You!