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submission error
Data · 6 Sep 2019, 09:21 · 4

i cant submit, its saying some records are missing but when i check my file theyre there. How do i solve this?

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don't use the submission file example to create your own submit file, create your own from the test set. Here's the code for it :

submission = pd.DataFrame(index=test.index,columns=['uniqueid','bank_account'])

submission['uniqueid'] = test['uniqueid']

submission['bank_account'] = yourmodel.predict(X_test)

## create submit_file


check your source code .check your condition which results 0 or 1 ( > or <= .....)

Thankss alot!!! @Blenz so i tried with your code, i was able to create the csv file, tried uploading it and its failed still with the same erro of missing IDs.

but before seeing your response i simply went back to my code and changed the way i wrote my contents to the file.

#after your training and saving the results in a variable in my case my results are in a variable called "results"

for uniqueid_,country_,score in zip(X_test['uniqueid'],X_test['country'],results):

print(str(uniqueid_)+" x "+str(country_)+","+str(score)) //it only worked after i tried converting the variables to strings.

#in your terminal, type, python name_of_file_with_source_code > your_desired_path/SubmissionFile.csv

#submitting the file produced worked for me, but that was after i went back to the file i put those two headers the uniqueid and bank_account

#@Blenz 's code is pretty neat though. Thanks again man

you welcome, i forgot to add the code to concat uniqueid with country.

Here it is in case someone needs it : test['uniqueid']= test['uniqueid']+' x '+test['country']