Financial Inclusion in Africa
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29 July 2019
One more day...
published 16 Sep 2019, 00:52
edited 43 minutes later

Hello all,

I've just asked for a one day extension on the pre-qualification. It will be back up in a couple of hours. This will be the final extension. Please make sure to submit your data as soon as the competition is back online.

Thank you.

i submitted but it didnt count ...

Hi everyone. The competition is open until Monday night 23:59 GMT. You can make submissions until then.

Thanks. It will be nice to have 3days extension. The change in dates for Farm Pin meant I couldn't dedicate the planned 2weeks for Financial Inclusion. That competition is now over. If you can extend for 3 days, I will be glad. Financial Inclusion is something I will like to make my contributions.

I think this is applicable to a few other Data Scientists.