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Acceptance mail.
Help · 16 Sep 2019, 10:57 · 12


I have NOT received my acceptance mail for the hackathon. I request all the concerned persons to please check and revert as soon as possible.

I'm coming from India. Let me know if my current location is an issue for getting accepted.

Since im so excited to attend this hackathon, please dont take away this opportunity due to my location. 😍

Please revert as soon as possible.

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I think that submission deadlines are for today, therefore acceptance would not be issued before today

Coming from India, You are very much welcome ^^

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how do you mean by "acceptance would not be issued before today"?

The acceptance mail you (and so do I ) are waiting for, would not be sent before the ending of this prequalification competition has ended

I haven't received yet too

something here :'(

I didn't recieve too

I didn't receive too. is there a problem or we are not accepted