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Unreceived mail
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They called me and my team checking our submissions 3 days ago, they told us that they'll send us an email.

Should we wait more ?


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At Least they called you .For us we don't know what is happening. Maybe they decided to postpone aihack😀

Were you later selected?

I think the ai-hack is already ongoing and I wasn't selected.

Wonder what the selection criteria is after the registration?

It is really diappointing how this hackathon is organized. They made the end of registration and end of this competition just a few days before event start. Which makes no sense when u have visa, flight and hotel reservatios in case u were selected, which normally should be decided after end of registration. Adding to this they are not replying to the email or sending an appology for not being selected, let alone knowing how selection was done.

I wasn't. I think nobody was selected based on the challenge due to numerous complains from participants. Maybe they chose a fiance title for the challenge to get more people participating on

Total disappointment indeed!maybe they're reviewing solutions till 1st October😀

Ya. I worried about getting visa within the limited time.

Probably they were not able to expedite the visa process like Mohammed_Salam_Jedidi said.

And so they might have only selected based on location.

If you check the ongoing AI Hack Tunisia event (#1-6) competitions on Zindi competitions page, you'd find most of the profile on the 6 leaderboards are either Algeirans or Tunisians were no visa bureacracy is required.

My observations though.

They didn't plan this event very well.

I think selection would have been based on location. They would have been lots of issues with visa processing within the extremely short amount of time.

Hello Professor,

The Confirmation emails will arrive today and tomorrow to all the accepted participants like the AI hack Tunisia facebook page said.

Cannot wait!!

hi, I also have joined the competition before the deadline, however, I submitted my file after the deadline, it was accepted and gave me a score and all. can you share if you had any kind of technical issue while developing your algo.?

dude im just waiting for my mail acceptance

i also had the same issue, They called me few days ago and still not receiving any mail yet. so is anyone received their confirmation mail?

is there anyone that has received an acceptance email ?

For me. No ... I didn't find anyone get acceptance after closing the challenge yet.

any news about the acceptance mail ?

we didn't receive any email, apparently they don't want us to attend