Fowl Escapades
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Southern African Bird Call Audio Identification Challenge
16 January–19 April 2020 23:59
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Getting Started
published 16 Jan 2020, 15:59

I threw together a quick starter notebook:

It uses fastai, treating this as essentially an image classification task. As you can imagine, this isn't the optimal solution! That said, it's possible to get some pretty good performance with this method.

It scores ~2.7. Accuracy is only ~32%, but it gets the right bird in the top 5 guesses >60% of the time.

Hoping to see some different techniques springing up (please share what you're trying!!) but this at least will show an example path of loading the data, extracting features (spectrograms in this case), training a model and making predictions.

Good luck all :)

Great notebook.

The "Get Creative" part at the end got me pretty excited. I'm going to try some crazy ideas.