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Multi Label or Multi class ?
published 10 Oct 2020, 16:07


First, Thanks you for releasing an audio competition !

I was looking into the data, and It seems to be a multi class problem, but when I look the example in evaluation, it seems the sum of the probability are above 1.0. Does that mean this competition is finally a multi label task ? Can we have multiple label for one audio sample ?

Hi :)

Each audio sample has ONE keyword as the label. Submission example shows format: floats for probabilities. Note there are also only three classes in that example. Sorry if it's misleading - this is still just a multi-class problem.

Should the probabilities add up to 1 or more than 1?

If they add up to more than one they'll be scaled during scoring if I remember correctly. You definitely won't get an error if they don't sum exactly to one.