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published 30 Oct 2020, 12:59
edited ~6 hours later


I am wondering how zindi is evaluating the model. Given the example of zindi :

fn Pump Spinach abalimi

audio_files/009WL0S.wav 0.73 0.19 0.01

audio_files/00AH117.wav 0.03 0.45 0.99

Let's say the true label is Pump and abalimi for the 1st and 2nd item.

Are we computing the logloss for each class and then average all of them ? So we end up with 193 logloss then average them ?


I could be wrong but I think that if the evaluation was class wise, it needs to be declared in the evaluation part which is not the case.

yes but as there are no example I am not sure how they compute it. Can @zindi explain how they evaluate an item ?