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Error loading wav files of Additionalutterances and nlp key words
published 6 Nov 2020, 12:32

My problem is that I keep having:

RuntimeError: Error opening '.../test_5.wav': File contains data in an unimplemented format.Whenever working with the datasets: Additionalutterances and nlp keywords. The audio_files data have no problem with librosa.load.

Please help me find a way out

It is due to backend Install ffmpeg if you are on linux or equivalent if not.

Thanks for your fast reply. I'll check it out.

I realised its not working on windows 10 but works on colab

i get the same error

Error opening './nlp_keywords_29Oct2020/nlp_keywords/ensigo\\6fbfcce2cf21419e97290f9e12934f65_4e6c78e77d9d4e849f7f34831410708a.wav': File contains data in an unknown format.