Google NLP Hack Series: Intro to ASR Africa Challenge
Calling on the Zindi community to help create automatic speech recognition datasets for African languages
$3 000 USD
Ended 7 months ago
288 enrolled
Good for beginners
Automatic Speech Recognition
Feedback on Submission
Help · 18 Apr 2022, 07:04 · 9

The hackathon has ended. Congratulations to everyone 👏 🎊 👏 💐 🥳 !!

Can we get some feedback on our submission and what we could have done better? I submitted via mail but no acknowledgement of the submission or response yet.

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The lack of aknowledgement of receipt of submission files is indeed a little unsettling but Connie made assurances that Amy will respond today. Since this was a data collection task with potentially large files, zindi could have definitely anticipated this problem and maybe come up with a better way to do the submissions.

I agree. Thanks for updating me on Connie's response.

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback - definitely gathering learnings to improve the experience for particpants. We'll reply with confirmations of submissions soon.

Thanks Connie! For me, I still havent received any confirmation as of today. I just want to make sure my submission isnt overlooked and that you consider my latest submission as I sent two submissions through email.


Hi Dunstan, thanks for reaching out about this. Some of the Zindi team is out of office, but let me check on this and get back to you.

Thanks Connie for the prompt reply.

Hi Dunstan, it's confirmed your email submission was recieved! Thanks

Thanks for that confirmation Connie.