Hack the Continent Open Buildings Challenge
Can you put Google’s Open Buildings Geospatial analysis dataset to good use in Africa?
$3 000 USD
Ended 3 months ago
233 enrolled
Good for beginners

The main dataset for this challenges the Open Buildings dataset of building footprints which can be of support for social good applications.

The objective of this challenge is to propose a solution that demonstrates use of data science to extract useful insights from the Open buildings dataset for the African continent or an African city. The solution can be in the form of notebooks, blog posts, reports and tutorials.

External data is allowed, as long as it is shared publicly on the discussion board by 10 March 2022.

For an example of the types of insight that can be drawn from this dataset, see this project Mapping Lava Flow & Damage.

Tutorial notebooks have been provided by the Google team to help you get started and can be downloaded from the Files section below. Additional notebooks will be added here.

Make sure that you present any findings with the appropriate amount of explanation. Models (if used) should be interpreted and explained - the goal is understanding, not just accuracy. Submissions can be made in any format, provided our judges can view them. Jupyter notebooks, PDFs, interactive websites… However, ALL code used for your submission must be shared, and should follow the Zindi guidelines on documentation etc. Your submission needs to include references to all papers, blogs and articles used.