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.jfif image formats
published 9 Feb 2020, 19:19

There are certain images of .jfif format. Did anyone faced error because of this? Are you converting it to jpeg format or using some other technique to tackle this?

You can use jfif directly there is no error in either python 3.x or Matlab 2019a. If you know, I would like to know; how you convert probability results let say [0.2 0.7 0.1 ] to log loss?

I read the article two days ago, and I could figure out how I can do for multi-class problem. Thank you, though.

jfif is useable for some libraries, but it can cause errors in others that don't included '.jfif' in their list of allowed image extensions. I used the mogrify command line tool to change all jfif to jpeg.