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Easy way to use zindi data on google colab(any instance) without downloading
published 19 Mar 2020, 15:39

the simplest way I use the zindi data without downloading on my virtual instance like colab is:

1) go to the zindi competition you are in, click on Data

2) type ctrl + shift + i,

3) click on Network,

4) then click on the data you want to download, let the download pop show and then cancel it.

5) in the network tab (after clicking ctrl + shift + i) , you will see something like: 200 GET Zindi.blahblah test.zip?ba blah

6) right-click on it, you will see `Copy as CuRL`, click on it

7) copy it to your instance terminal, or copy it to your colab jupyter notebook.

if colab type : ![paste what you copy] -o name_of_file.zip

for name of file, give it the same format as it is on the platform, e.g test.zip should be -o test.zip. submission.csv should be -o submission.csv

and for the terminal, don't use the exclamation mark (!) while pasting the CuRL link.

Note the download size while using this process is not equivalent to the data being used. e,g if the data size is 77gb, to download using this method does not actually use up to 77gb, it used the amount to make the data available for use.

I uploaded the training dataset to my github repo and separated them into validation and train data set

Link : https://github.com/Valentine-Mario/dataset

do you do that for all the competition?. the method is not just for this competition but for all competition.

and yet You used your data. Any which way you prefer tho

Thanks 👌

I found this really helpful, Thanks for sharing!