ICLR Workshop Challenge #2: Radiant Earth Computer Vision for Crop Detection from Satellite Imagery
$7,000 USD
Identify crop type using satellite imagery, and win a trip to present your work at ICLR 2020 in Addis Ababa.
3 February–15 March 2020 23:59
275 data scientists enrolled, 39 on the leaderboard
Any idea of how to get the data ?
published 5 Feb 2020, 22:18

Does anyone has an idea of how to get the data ?

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They have instructions under the Data Tab - I would read the whole thing carefully. But if you want to start downloading the data, here is a link to instructions on Radiant Earth MLHub. https://github.com/radiantearth/mlhub-tutorials/tree/master/notebooks/2020%20CV4A%20Crop%20Type%20Challenge 'git clone <their repo>'. Before you run Jypyter Notebook that downloads data for you, make sure you install the right tiff library by running 'pip install -r requirements.txt'