Indaba Grand Challenge: Curing Leishmaniasis by Deep Learning Indaba
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The official competition of the Deep Learning Indaba 2020
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29 June 2020—31 May 2021
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Leishmaniasis is a neglected disease. As a disease of poverty, it has historically received limited funding for discovery, development and delivery of new tools. Current treatment is costly, lengthy, painful and sometimes toxic. Like a handful of similar diseases, it is the scourge of whole regions affected by them, because we still miss cheap, safe and effective cures for them.

At the same time, new drug candidates are being developed and old ones are being tested every day. Today, millions of drug activity assays are available at the press of a button. In this Indaba Grand Challenge, we dare to ask you to help identify amongst the already known, tested and (often) approved drugs, potential cures for different forms of leishmaniasis.

The goal is to propose a new treatment, comprising a Leishmania protein (present in the proteome of one or more of the Leishmania species) and a small molecule (or set of small molecules). Submission can be specified as:

  • PDB file with a structure of a target and a bound small molecule

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