InstaDeep Enzyme Classification Challenge
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Can you predict the class of an enzyme using only its amino acid sequence?
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17 November 2020—21 February 2021
97 days

In the UmojaHack Tunisia hackathon we invited participants to predict the functional class of enzymes called protein kinases based on their amino acid sequences. For this challenge we’re taking it one step further. Given a library of labelled sequences from some well-known organisms, your task is to create a model that can label sequences from new organisms. Each sequence could represent any kind of enzyme - not just kinases.

All enzymes are made of one or more chains of amino acids, which determine their structure, behaviour, and interactions with other enzymes and molecules. That means it should be possible to predict the protein’s function and behaviour given just the amino acid sequence.

A model able to perform this task would have many applications. In addition to enzymes from known organisms (which we have from studying their proteomes), there are vast numbers of metagenomic sequences - this is proteomic sequence data from environmental samples. Being able to quickly annotate them with function using this model (i.e. going beyond simple sequence similarity) would be indispensable. Models developed in the course of this challenge may contribute to furthering the understanding of the world around us.

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