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Submission problem
published 13 Jan 2021, 15:56

Guys, when I've tried to submit, it gives me error - "Missing entries for IDs 08841052, 103933E1, 33476E28". But ... I don't see such IDs in test? Why this may happen?

Hi, This is how I make a submission:


sub['LABEL']=model.predict(test_data) sub.to_csv('submission.csv',index=False)


Looks like I found my error. Thing is - I've opened submission for inspection with Excel - this is mistake, because it transforms data as 103933E1 into decimal because of this E thing :)). Still fight with submission, but don't give up yet!

Well done for figuring it out - that's a nasty one! Recently we've started using something like "ID_91FA34..." to try and avoid all-number IDs being mangled, so hopefully this will not come up in future :)