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Can you create an automatic speech recognition (ASR) model for African accents, for use by doctors?
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Automatic Speech Recognition
Missing IDs
Data · 24 Feb 2023, 13:47 · 5

What data are we submitting from. I have been trying to submit my solution but it gives an error on several missing IDs. I have checked and the files being refered to are in the test dataset which is yet to be made available. PS. I am trying to submit on predictions from Afrispeech-dev/dev files

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Can you provide a snippet of the code you are running?

24 Feb 2023, 22:25
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Are you testing on data from huggingface or from the google drive download?

24 Feb 2023, 22:26
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@Brian_Macharia the dev_meta table and the dev/validation dataset contain 3227 samples/audios, the test_meta/test dataset that will be uploaded later contains 5064 samples, while the submission file should contain all IDs (8091). The easiest solution is to concatenate your dev_meta predictions with, a " " space for the test_meta transcripts.

25 Feb 2023, 20:50
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@Siwar_NASRI this is what i ended up doing.