iX Mobile Banking Prediction Challenge
Scholarship worth $3,495 USD
The prize is one scholarship to a 6-week data science remote program called ‘iX Remote’ from 6 July to 14 August 2021, valued at $3,495 USD.
242 data scientists enrolled, 103 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
17 May—13 June
28 days

There is only one scholarship for this competition. All Zindians may participate but only Zindi users with less than 500 points and residing in Africa are eligible to win the scholarship. Find out more about the scholarship here.

Banks and financial service providers value knowing what habits their clients follow. This allows them to tailor products and services. This challenge asks you to build a machine learning model to predict if individuals across Africa and around the world use mobile or internet banking.

This solution will provide insight into people’s financial behavior, which can help financial services providers, including insurance companies and banks, tailor the services they provide their clients.

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