Task Mate Kenyan Sign Language Classification Challenge
Can you classify words in Kenyan Sign Language?
$5 000 USD
Ended 9 months ago
177 active · 514 enrolled

The data was collected by 800 taskers from Kenya, Mexico and India. There are nine classes, each a different sign.

The objective of this competition is to classify the ten different Sign Language signs present in the images, using machine learning or deep learning algorithms.

This file resembles the Train.csv but without the target-related columns. This is the dataset on which you will apply your model to.
This zip file contains all images in test and train.
This file shows the submission format for this competition, with the ‘Image_ID’ column mirroring that of Test.csv and the ‘label’ column containing your predictions. The order of the rows does not matter, but the names of the ‘Image_ID’ must be correct.
This is the dataset that you will use to train your model.