Task Mate Kenyan Sign Language Classification Challenge
Can you classify words in Kenyan Sign Language?
$5 000 USD
Ended 11 months ago
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All my Fastai Bag of Tricks in one notebook.
Notebooks · 28 Feb 2022, 11:09 · edited 2 minutes later · 16

Hi folks, trust you had a great time in this competition. I've just made available a single-model-notebook for this competition that contains all my FastAI tricks. It gets you as low as 0.19+ without ensembles. I'm hoping you can learn one or two and get better at computer vision.......and maybe beat me in the next challenge........😁.

Find here the link to the notebook: https://github.com/osinkolu/Task-Mate-Kenyan-Sign-Language-Classification-Challenge

I've tried to explain every block of code as best as I can.......cheers. please feel free to reach out on how It could have gone better.🤝

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Prof, I can't help but say thank you. Your bag of tricks were helpful, especially dealing with wrong labels.

28 Feb 2022, 17:37
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Sure bro, your model is only as good as your data.....😉

Very helpful, thank you !

28 Feb 2022, 17:39
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Thanks Victor for sharing your knowledge. Very insightful and helpful.

1 Mar 2022, 05:50
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Thank you for sharing, very much appreciated

1 Mar 2022, 16:58
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Prof how can I chat with you.

Reasons being that you use Colab Pro and you are Nigerian. Can you give me access to talk with you?

11 Mar 2022, 13:53
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Prof.... wow!! thanks so much!!!

4 Nov 2022, 17:09
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