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Current data directories being used
published 27 May 2021, 16:16

Hi @KarimAmer

there has been a lot of changes concerning the data within the past weeks. So I'd like someone to clarify the following:

Current train data directories and corresponding CSV files

Current test data directories and corresponding csv files

Also with regards to @Assazin's discussion thread, I have a question , which exact directory contains images for the test.csv because i retrieved and run predictions from Planet_jun17,

is there intentional duplication of image id's across directories?

Hi @ZzyZx

-You can find the most updated data describtion on the Data page of the competition. You can also check my post here to understand what has changed since we started.

-If you aren't using Sentinal data, the issue flagged by @Assazin shouldn't affect your work and it is solved now anyways.

-There is no duplication in sample ids but you will find the sample id is the same across different directories. Please go through the starter notebook to see how you can read all the available data.