Lacuna - Correct Field Detection Challenge
$10,000 USD
Can you design a method to accurately find field locations?
518 data scientists enrolled, 100 on the leaderboard
26 March—4 July
Ends in 16 days
Is it possible for the deadline of this competition to be extended ?
published 31 May 2021, 02:45

Two competitions ended today, so there will an influx of new competitors joining us these days, and I think more time would help us have better solutions.


@bald_monk Yeah.... I hope so. Yoruba/Twi Translation challenges had taken too much time truly. However, It's left to Zindi to decide but still there's no going back even though there's little time to implement something very meaningful/helpful in this challange. Let's see how it goes if Zindi thinks otherwise on this.

I hope they do extend the deadline, the Yoruba competition deadline was extended twice I believe.

There's no reasons for that , we have been working on this problem since March .

I totally understand, I'm not saying its a must, but I'm just suggesting the idea cuz eventually the compettion organizers want the best solution, and the best solution takes time to be prepared.