Laduma Analytics Football League Winners Prediction Challenge
Can you predict the outcome of a football match based on historical data?
$2 000 USD
Ended 5 months ago
154 active · 700 enrolled
Good for beginners
See how using Layer can improve your submissions on Zindi
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Explore Layer during this challenge! Layer will help you track and test your experiments.

Layer will be hosting another challenge soon on Zindi so get your head in the game now!

Create an account for free and get 30 GPU hours per week and unlimited CPU hours.

Layer helps you build, train and track all your machine learning project metadata including ML models and datasets‍ with semantic versioning, extensive artifact logging and dynamic reporting with local↔cloud training.

First, install that you have the latest version of Layer installed:

pip install -U layer

The competition has 5 CSV files that can be fetched as Pandas DataFrames from Layer.

Fetch sample submission file

import layer

sample_submission = layer.get_dataset("layer/Zindi-Laduma-Analytics/datasets/sample-submission").to_pandas()

Fetch training files

import layer

train = layer.get_dataset("layer/Zindi-Laduma-Analytics/datasets/train").to_pandas()

train_game_statistics = layer.get_dataset("layer/Zindi-Laduma-Analytics/datasets/train_game_statistics").to_pandas()

Fetch test files

import layer

test = layer.get_dataset("layer/Zindi-Laduma-Analytics/datasets/test").to_pandas()

test_game_statistics = layer.get_dataset("layer/Zindi-Laduma-Analytics/datasets/test_game_statistics").to_pandas()
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What's the advantage (s) attached to using this layer library or ?

15 Jun 2022, 07:01
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Layer allows you to track your experiments and gives you free GPU access.

Okay, really do not understand the tracking of experiment part!!! I know kaggle gives free limited GPU, colab does too and colab pro gives a larger reasonable amount of GPU and memory allocation. So what make layer different or special?

15 Jun 2022, 07:32
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Hey @Emmanuel360__RAIN, thanks for the question.

This is Mehmet, from Layer. With experiment tracking, you can log anything during your experiments like metrics, plots, datasets even models. Layer automatically version these assets and provide an easy way to compare your experiments.

Here is an example ML model on Layer:

Looks cool, i created an account already, i just wanted to find out more info about it b4 i start exploring myself. Thanks