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How can you get score below 1? What was your approach?
Help · 3 Aug 2022, 07:50 · 1

First I tried to do some data pre-processing and feature engineering.

Then trained a RF model for feature importance calculating on a subset of my data and then filtered out all those non-imprtant features.

In the end, I trained XGB on my pre-processed data and I got train score of 0.17231 and test score of 0.17228.

But after submission, I got score of 1.383, which is very different from local test, train scores.

Did I miss something?

What was your approach (pre-proc, algorithm, etc)?


Discussion 1 answer

To LB correspondent cv score, use the two seasons as validation i.e train your model on season 1and validate it on season 2 and vice versal.