Laduma Analytics Football League Winners Prediction Challenge
Can you predict the outcome of a football match based on historical data?
$2 000 USD
Ended 5 months ago
154 active · 700 enrolled
Good for beginners
Data Leak?
Help · 1 Sep 2022, 19:18 · 5

I assume that the top Positions on the leader Board are occupied by solutions that involve some Kind of knowledge of the true outcomes of the games. Can someone with a score in the top Positions confirm this?

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i think so also, it's suspicious, all users are newly registered users and all have the same score

1 Sep 2022, 21:06
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Maybe, this is their first competition and only competition and all of a sudden, they are at the top of the leaderboard

It's easy to cheat, but there are checks in place that will eliminate them ultimately, hopefully someone at Zindi will see this thread sooner than later and remove them quickly from the competition.

Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have investigated and removed those who we suspected of cheating after following our cheater protocol.

Good luck on the last 2 days!

3 Sep 2022, 11:15
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