Laduma Analytics Football League Winners Prediction Challenge
Can you predict the outcome of a football match based on historical data?
$2 000 USD
Ended 5 months ago
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Good for beginners
Our Solution 0.216 in private LB
Notebooks · 5 Sep 2022, 12:13 · 10

First congrats to the winners👏👏👏. It was a great competition, congrats to my teammate also @koleshjr.

Our approach is:-

  • First, we build an action prediction model, which will add 7 features related to goals scored and goals conceded to the original Train.csv and Test.csv. These features are the key featues for our model. here is the approach for this prediction model link.
  • Second, we use the modified data from the above notebook and the main game statistics files to generate more features like pass accuracy, total shots, team attacking and defense strength from the previous seasons of goals scored and goals conceded. Then train a catboost and lightgbm models on 10 StratifiedKFold.

The final was great 0.216 on the private leaderboard and 0.17 on the public leaderboard yet we didn't choose it😔.

Please upvote the notebook, if you find it useful.

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Why use leakage data for feature engineering? I don't understand! Anyway...

Thank you for the sharing and congratulations to you @Koleshjr @JONNY! Good job!

5 Sep 2022, 12:40
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It would be a leakage if you have it on test data. But using it on the train data to generate features for test data is normal I think.

@ff it's like using past season data to find the attacking and defensive strength based on goals scored and conceded on those past seasons and using them as roll back features. It answers the question how did those teams perform in the past and does that affect the coming season results ?

Thank you for sharing.

So you won Alvin 1 month ago, you are on top positions of different running competitions and you just won another competition also last weekend.

And as you guys were bored on top of that you finished in the money on this competition.

Come on Zindi, you are falling behind, here we have some people that are near getting bored, they need a lot more competitions at the same time !!! :-)

Well done, congratulations for your work and for becoming together such a strong team.

5 Sep 2022, 22:11
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