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Starter notebook help
Notebooks · 30 Aug 2022, 10:04 · 5


I am a real beginner here so please excuse the question!

I am trying to run the starter notebook in Colab and I get an error when I get to this line:

pp = pd.read_csv('privateRef.csv')

The error is along the lines of "privateRef.csv" does not exist... can anybody assist me or point me in direction of help ?

Mank thanks,


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You don't need that, It is testing data. Just comment it out or skip that part!

thanks! going to try it right now!

First you have to download data then copy as path then you use pd.read_cv('path')

@SimonGMurray Apologies for that, we have updated the starter notebook.

You can now redownload and use the updated notebook


I thought I was losing my mind trying to get it to work with the old one :-)