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Starter notebook help
Notebooks · 30 Aug 2022, 10:04 · 5


I am a real beginner here so please excuse the question!

I am trying to run the starter notebook in Colab and I get an error when I get to this line:

pp = pd.read_csv('privateRef.csv')

The error is along the lines of "privateRef.csv" does not exist... can anybody assist me or point me in direction of help ?

Mank thanks,


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You don't need that, It is testing data. Just comment it out or skip that part!

30 Aug 2022, 11:11
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thanks! going to try it right now!

First you have to download data then copy as path then you use pd.read_cv('path')

30 Aug 2022, 15:23
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@SimonGMurray Apologies for that, we have updated the starter notebook.

You can now redownload and use the updated notebook

1 Sep 2022, 08:47
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I thought I was losing my mind trying to get it to work with the old one :-)