Landslide Prevention and Innovation Challenge
Can you identify if a landslide occurred or not?
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Good for beginners
Help · 3 Oct 2022, 08:13 · 2

Hi, nice comp, glad it is over.

Congratulations to the winners. If I remember correctly, Babawale was leading for a long time (and by far) so it is good that he won in the end - congrats @Babawale_Sodiq

I've seen a few published solutions, all GBM based. I tried GBM, but, given spatial nature of data, believed this is begging for a CNN solution. Sure, lots more tuning and struggle than GBM, and lower score :-(, but the 5x5 grid sort of suggests CNN with channels being the different features.

Anyhow, any others tried CNN as well? And any comments on which to use here?

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I tried CNN as well but I got terrible result ( i am not expert in NN/CNN, just tried to use some examples).

Then I switched to GBM with heavy feature engineering. I think made naive mistake and ovefit my model based on public leadeboard and lack of stable CV results compare to the result of board.

I will share same model with less overfitting soon.

Congrats for the winner and thanks for sharings and launching this challenge.

3 Oct 2022, 08:56
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