Air Quality Prediction Challenge
Can you use Sentinel 5P data to predict air quality in Kampala for AirQo?
$3 000 USD
Ended 4 months ago
258 active · 662 enrolled
Good for beginners
Reminder to use Layer
Platform · 6 Sep 2022, 11:43 · 4

27 days to go!

You are encouraged to use to track your experiments.

In order to win you need to have used Layer and code submissions need to be supported by a Layer repo and report.

You can learn more about using Layer for machine learning, and sign up for here.

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How do you create a layer repo ?

9 Sep 2022, 03:44
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You can watch the launch webinar here where Derick from Layer walks through the process -

To what extent does layer need to be used?

Is simply doing some logging in the code enough and not using layer it for final model training?

17 Sep 2022, 20:59
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Hi. I work at Layer.

It's ok to use layer only for logging. However it will still require you to init layer project (with layer.init) and then decorate your functions (with @dataset or @model). You can only log things to layer from layer decorated functions.