Air Quality Prediction Challenge
Can you use Sentinel 5P data to predict air quality in Kampala for AirQo?
$3 000 USD
Ended 4 months ago
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Good for beginners
3rd position
Help · 3 Oct 2022, 15:59 · 10

This competition was our first as a team and a really tough one. Our solution had a few features, I think it wasn't more than 40. We dropped a lot of features which contribute to overfitting especially the angles(solar and sensor), The average pm2.5 reading was a very useful feature from the feature importance plot. We also used the dry&wet season feature. We had a score of 12.20 but unfortunately we didn't select it before the competition ended but the score we chose earned us the 3rd position. Thank you Zindi.

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Bro that's amazing. 12.20 from just 40 features. Unbelievable. Well done guys well done 👏👏👏

3 Oct 2022, 16:04
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I will check that again but I know it was less than 50

Nice. And by average pm2_5 you mean mean target encoding?

What cv did you guys use ?

3 Oct 2022, 16:05
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We just held out the last 20 days when we sorted by date.

Amazing work!

what did you use for feature selection?

3 Oct 2022, 19:16
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congratulations guys!

8 Oct 2022, 03:04
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Hey @NIRAN . I have been trying to follow your approach and it's really interesting. You said average pm2_5 really helped you guys. How did you calculate that ? Given that in the test we never had pm2_5?

10 Oct 2022, 15:18
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By avg pm2.5, I meant rolling mean of 180 days and took lags of