Microsoft Rice Disease Classification Challenge
Can you identify disease in images of rice grown in Egypt?
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Can we use pre-trained model in timm?
Help · 24 Jul 2022, 06:31 · 4

According to the competition's rule, we may use only the datasets provided for this competition. So.. can not we use the pre-trained model?

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"You may use pretrained models as long as they are openly available to everyone."

timm is publicly available to everyone thus it is allowed :)

24 Jul 2022, 06:38
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Additionally, we can use other datasets if it is available to everyone, like very popular open-dataset??

I'm not a zindi staff so this is my two cents of wisdom. please take it with a grain of salt.

They specifically allowed pretrained models and open packages but not datasets. meaning that you can't bring an external dataset as it may result in license issues later on when deploying the winning model.

point being, use anything as long as it is meant to be used publicly and freely by anybody.