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rgn images should be removed?
Data · 24 Jul 2022, 13:37 · 3

Do we have to remove rgn images before training? I can see rgn images are not included in testing csv and submittion csv files. Why to include rgn images and why not?

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I belive the rgn images were given to provide extra information. It's your choice to remove them before training or not(mindful of possible leakage). You can find a way to blend the rgn images into your solution.

24 Jul 2022, 14:04
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Tbh removing the rgn images makes the lb score worse while the local validation is good. I don't know why we are having a bad lb score while removing the rgn and we dont have rgn images in the sample submission. Any explanations?

As @TheVeloper said, you can blend them somehow. I thought about this early on when I joined in the competition and came up with this method:

I released one of the encoders I pretrained during my runs with this particular architecture (xresnet34), linked to in the repo, in case you want to try it out in your own setup.

24 Jul 2022, 15:23
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