Microsoft Rice Disease Classification Challenge
Can you identify disease in images of rice grown in Egypt?
$3 000 USD
Ended 6 months ago
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Computer Vision
A Great Positive Lesson learnt: Trust your CV always (Unofficial 3rd place position ) (Edited post)
Platform · 15 Aug 2022, 13:41 · 5

Just a single model (xcit_large) could have taken myself and my amazing teammate to 3rd place with 0.035xxxx on Private LB without ensembling this with another model score. Though very painful but this is a great lesson learnt from this amazing Project. This is what Data Science is all about, to learn and to re-learn in order to garner much needed experience in this journey called Data Science. Competitions like this truly shapes us better in getting things done properly especially when it has to do with real life production. Again, this is a much needed experience, i must say. Kudos to @Zindi @Microsoft for this wonderful Project.

Cheers!!!! Congratulations to all the participants.

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Wow! I feel your pain too @MICADEE. You could have made it to 3rd place. But sure, it's more about the experience and the knowledge acquired. We keep getting better💪. Cheers and Congrats to all the winners! 🙇‍♂️

15 Aug 2022, 19:18
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@Femi Smiles... Yes sure bro, it's more of knowledge and experience acquired. Getting better everyday, the most important factor here. Our passion to learn more and getting better everyday should definately overide all these under normal circumstances. Unto the next one. We move!!!!

My friend it's always more about experience and knowledge...!

16 Aug 2022, 11:49
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@amma33 Yes you're very right amma33 👍🙏.

@MICADEE Hello, what augmentations did you find useful that helped you get the 0.035 score using one model?

18 Aug 2022, 17:21
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