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26 March 2019—1 July 2019
Shake in the leaderboard
published 3 Jul 2019, 07:26

It seems there is a big shake in the leaderboard. At the end of the competition i was at postition 53 now i am seeing 45. Did Zindi remove some competitors??

Yep, they removed me, for example. Without any proofs. And don’t answer on emails.

It bad that they dont reply their mails. They should be means to make competitors prove the authenticity of their work

We trust you understand that it is important for all of us and for Zindi to preserve the integrity of the platform. Therefore we are taking the necessary precautions. Please bear with us as this will take time. And we trust you understand that this means that we are not necessarily able to answer every inquiry immediately. We apologise for any inconvenience. Our top priority is ensuring that Zindi continues to be a fair and positive platform for everyone.

Please email us at with any feedback or questions.