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11 April 2019—5 August 2019
published 17 Apr 2019, 12:38

I'm not seeing a link for the weather data?

There is a hyper link for the weather data.

Here is the link to the Nairobi weather site:

Thanks, I grabbed it from there, but had assumed the file would be part of the available downloads.

I am not getting the weather sorry for disturbing but have joined today but can't find the weather data

Hi. You are right. It was meant to be one of the downloads. We have just added it to the Data tab with the other datasets.

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Getting 404 error, no page found :(

Thanks.One problem though, the description of the variables

Looks like they changed the URL - if you got to the root of the site you can navigate back to it, but here's the link:,_Wilson_(airport)

Got it, thanks a million!